Sunday, September 20, 2009

best oatmeal ever...

sunday mornings are oatmeal mornings. mainly because sunday is bread baking day, and i use leftover oatmeal in my bread.

we eat lots of oatmeal around here, but our sunday morning oatmeal is my favorite. it is really hardy and delicious! here's what we do:

  • soak whole oats and nuts overnight (in different bowls) to neutralize the phytic acid (the bad stuff in grain that won't let you digest it properly or absorb minerals)
  • in the morning, rinse and drain the oats and nuts
  • put on the stove top with a little water (about half way up the pan) and set to boil, when it starts boiling turn all the way down and cover
  • while all that is going on start on the topping- place nuts (i usually use whole raw walnuts or pecans that i chop up) in skillet with some butter (or coconut oil) on a medium heat
  • add a touch of maple syrup and some black strap molasses
  • add chopped up apple or pear and a touch of cinnamon
  • let topping get all caramelized and delicious
  • serve up oatmeal in a bowl, add hot topping as well as some raisins and maybe a little splash of maple syrup
  • add one tablespoon of raw, virgin coconut oil
all those steps make me think that this is a harder process than it actually is. don't get caught up by the steps! this is actually a pretty quick breakfast!

and did i mention that it is sooooooooo-per delicious?

just ask buddy!


Traci said...

This is fab. I love the Weston A. Price link ;-) I would not have thought to add a TBsp of the oil to the oatmeal. I soak my oats too but keep the water per Nourishing Traditions recipe...hummmm..

Thanks for sharing this one.

Cheryl said...

I'm going to try the topping on our next porridge morning. I also do the Nourishing Traditions recipe. Can't wait! Thanks for the post!