Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick and Dirty

I am happy to have this new blog and happy to meet some new mamas. I love knowing how others do this food thing at home. The farmers are interesting to me too. To get down to it and join in, here is my blog for more about me and my family.

First on the subject of food, I want to share a tip if you don't already do this. With little ones and only one pair of mama hands, I use a meal tray for our meals. I just started this practice anticipating leisurely tea times with my new tray (screech on the record player sound) Back to reality..I use it practically. Especially for breakfasts and lunches during the week. I load up our tray with our food in the kitchen on plates, napkins, flatware, drink glasses and water carafe for the table and vitamins or any condiments, sauces, whatever. The whole tray goes to the table, the kids help set the table from it and then when we are finished, reload and I haul it back to the kitchen. So have fun with that if you like it. By the way, I picked up this tray at Target for 20$ and it is made of bamboo..I love it and worth it for sure.

Those bottles (exception, the honey bear) are my dead kombucha tea and my dead kefir grains! Yes, the kombucha is no longer fizzy and the kefir got left for over seven this is reality..I will restart the fermenting process again soon...I hope.

Okay, now for the food: Quick Green Eggies (common, easy meal in my house adapted from Cathe Olsen, The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook, buy on her site:

Get out a medium iron skillet, set on medium heat on stove, warm up with olive oil or butter and then gather ingredients:

  • Five eggs in bowl, beaten (or, if short on eggs, use three and add a bit of water ;-)

  • Fairly well chopped couple of handfuls of spinach, kale, chard, bok choy

  • Dash of tamari

  • Scant tsp. of curry powder

  • Clove of garlic minced or through a garlic press as I do OR, use garlic powder ( I keep a foil bag from Froniter in my freezer for real quick cooking)

Put it together:

  1. Mix up with whisk or fork all ingredients except the greens.

  2. When butter melted in skillet, put greens in, let sizzle and spread out to an even layer with spatula

  3. When greens look to your liking, a little softened, pour egg mixture in, push around until to your desired cooked level for eggs. Top with grated cheddar cheese (optional)

  4. Plate up with a side of plain yogurt and applesauce in a small bowl OR, fresh diced fruits and hot chamomile tea with honey and cream. In the photo, I also added bacon, carrot bran muffins and cranberry orange muffins (Veg. Mother's Cookbook) that I prebake and freeze but that is another post. ;-)

Enjoy! If you find that you want to adjust the seasonings on can!! Add more, leave stuff out....just get some green veggies in your little people right??? Let me know if you try this one or already do it. (hey, posting this took me 20 minutes..I think I can do this!!) -Traci

P.S. -made this a day or so ago and took a photo..I stack the plates but you can always have more than one tray. It would still save trips back and forth to the kitchen while you are wanting to keep their attention for morning bible study/homeschool. You know how they scatter if you are not prepared??....oy!


mandi said...

i miss eating your food...

love the tray idea!!! maybe i'll get a smaller one for dylin. she loves to play waitress!

Traci said...

You miss eating MY food?? OH Mandi, what a compliment!! (How many of you saw/ate the hand grind, whole ingredients, hand carved/iced decorated cake Mandi made for Dylin's 4th birthday??) Thank you. I still remember the time you and John and kiddos came out when my cabin was dirty, to the farm, on a crock pot chicken and venison sausage night. Oddly enough, I have not made that recipe since for some weird reason. I remember Levi and his rice scattering technique. It was a really! to clean the crunchy dry rice up the next morning...memories. ;-)