Thursday, September 17, 2009

H My Name is Heather

I want to be like Mandi.

We're headed in her direction...eating more whole foods, learning to cook from scratch, but word to your mother, has it ever been the slowest journey ever.

Our family is getting there...slowly.

I have four boys and one husband.

No matter how "healthy" we get, we'll never pass up Cheetos or Blue Bell Ice Cream.

We like meat. I cook almost every night.

I homeschool all of our boys. Three boys I teach with books. They are learning things like history, math, creative writing and poetry. One boy I teach with constant supervision and a wooden spoon as needed. He is learning things like "how not to die" or "how not to seriously maim himself."

Our dinner table is filled with noise...some welcome noises...some noises that cause mom and dad to give "the look."

There are 6 of us to feed every night, and our table is usually filled with guests.

Needless to say, I feel like I cook for an army around here just about every night.

Thus the "slow journey."

Adjusting to eating healthier foods has required all of us...young and learn to appreciate the food that God has given us. We've had a lot of retraining to do with our older kids...and for us as adults.

Eating may seem like a simple concept, but food can be a big deal round these parts. Adjusting our diets has meant adjustments in the hearts and souls that sit around our table every night.

I've had to learn how to keep some of our favorite recipes, but cook them with better ingredients.

I've had to learn to feed the masses without having to go out and get a job.

Lots of headaches along the way, but we're getting there.

Recently I bought the Whole Foods Market Cookbook.

I asked my family if we could all be brave...have an eating adventure one night a week.

"Can we try one new recipe a week?"

Yes. They all agreed it would be fun.

You know you're using the Whole Foods Market Cookbook when you walk into the grocery store and ask someone who works there...

"I need Swiss Chard. What department of this store will I find it?"

The produce section.

My oldest son was excited about eating Swiss Chard because it reminded him of "fat lard." He was excited to eat it until he noticed it looked like spinach.

I've had to ask the produce manager...

"What are Tomatillos?...should people eat those?"

I'll probably share which of these recipes will be ones repeat...and which ones we won't.

Excited to learn from all of you!


Laura Stiller said...

Oh my goodness! I found this blog thanks to Heather and I LOVE it! I haven't stopped reading yet. Everything is so helpful - the recipes, the meals, but especially the ideas on planning meals and organizing grocery lists. I'm going to learn so much here!

mandi said...

i have been known to throw back some blue bell myself. just so you know.

i am impressed with all that you are doing. when i started this journey 6 years ago, i didn't know anything. the more you ask, the more you learn. so keep learning and then share with me what you learn! i always want to know more!