Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dumplings Alfredo, or, My Second Fail this Week

I wanted to try handmade pasta.  I've never done it before.  Jonas had been sick all week, and so I planned to make his favorite, fettuccine alfredo.  I've been curious about homemade pasta for awhile, so I thought I would give it a go.

Um, not so much.

I made them the same size as the dried noodles in the box.  Just a guess.  Who knew they would quadruple in thickness when cooked???

They really looked, and tasted, like dumplings.

Gross dumplings, not good ones.

I also could have titled this post "The Night We Ate Dinner Twice."

We ended up at KFC.  I am not kidding.

The other fail this week was the first time ever that Pioneer Woman has let me down.  Baked Lemon Pasta was barely edible.  The sauce was clumpy (in a curdled sort of way) and bland.  I had made the quick unbaked version she mentions at the beginning of the post before, and it was good.  That version is a keeper.  The baked one with sour cream....not a winner.  How can pasta and sour cream and butter and lemon go so wrong???

You can thank me for not photographing it.

Pasta in a cream sauce, gone wrong twice in one week?  That's gotta be some kind of a record.


Blue Heron Farm said...

Is it bad that I am laughing uncontrollably?

My first handmade ravioli were too thick, too. It is totally worth getting a Kitchenaid attachment to roll pasta. (If you have a Kitchenaid.) Nothing is better than fresh, handmade ravioli filled with goat ricotta. :)

Traci said...

I made fettuccine cut type homemade whole wheat pasta in my parents kitchen when I was 18 years old..that was the last time. I had a string strung up between cabinets and my dad and mom had to work around it..funny memory. It was good! I think everyone tried it too. I am sorry for the failure...great you tried it though. You just never know if a recipe will work or not..and your baby boy is sick he loved the crispy KFC chicken though. ;-) Mine would!!