Monday, September 14, 2009

mandi's kitchen

oh man- brandi totally busted me because i posted my meal plan for the week on my main blog! eeks! this 2 blog thing is going to take some getting used to. especially since i talk so much about food over on herban homestead. so, a brief look into our kitchen would reveal this: i spend a lot of time on food. i grind my own grain, buy local veggies, meat and milk, and eat whole foods. unless i'm at el charro t or a friend's house. then i bloom where i'm planted : ). bottom line is, we eat from scratch around here. i like the adventure of cooking this way- it works for us!
i usually plan 6 days of meals. because we eat out maybe once for lunch and once for dinner around here. so 6 days covers us pretty well. i plan so i can use the same ingredients over and over. you kinda have to do that when eating seasonally.
this week we are only in town through thurs., so my meals are planned through thurs. breakfast:

b- pancakes
l- leftover split pea soup
d- veggie lasagna and salad
(soak oats for breakfast)

b- oatmeal w/ walnuts and raisins
l- veg stir-fry w/ brown rice
d- salmon w/ pesto & noodles and salad
(begin starter for bread)

b- eggs
l- picnic at the park
d- pizza night!

hit the road- maybe muffins for the road???

i am not a slave to the schedule, but this is the rough idea for this week. breakfast is usually a variable- for instance, i always have 25 pounds of oats and wheat on hand, so pancakes or waffles or oatmeal are always a possibility! yay for having a general store in my utility room!

this is pretty fun! i promise to do better in the future, brandi! : )


Mommy, M.D. said...

i'm impressed that you're cooking for lunch! i probably should do that more. my lunches are almost exclusively leftovers or sandwiches. i'd love to see your veggie lasagna recipe! and i promise to quit harassing you about posting. maybe.

The Kramer Family said...

i agree! bring on the veggie lasagna recipe! awesome.