Monday, October 5, 2009

Dry Erase Freezer Board

Does this count as a product review? This is my meal planner/product review.
Okay, I am a visual person. Usually I like the visual part to be pretty but this is different. The truth is, I have run out of printer ink with all my homeschooling work I guess and the fact that I have an ink jet that is for people who rarely print. (Am I a nerd for printing my meal plan in the first place??) is my dry erase board..the front of my freezer door! You can see the "B" for breakfast, "Prep" for meal prep/thaw type reminders, "L" for lunch and "D" for dinner. The top has the date and seven days of the week marked. It far and is much safer than my original genius plan to "glue" my dry erase board to my freezer..uh, that would have been dangerous. As it is, this is front and center where I need the fridge and near the pantry and kitchen. It does erase well too..however, my fridge is quite old and has marks and dings on it so I am not afraid to play with it like this. Tell me what you think!


mandi said...

i think it's great!

one thought- do you like to keep your meal plans? you know, for a resource for later? when i'm feeling uninspired, i like to look back at my meal plans to jog my thoughts.

Cheryl said...

Love it T!!!! Great idea!

Laura Stiller said...

I LOVE this idea. I usually keep my meal plans in Google Calendar - but maybe if I put them on the freezer door too I'd get less "What's for dinner" questions from the hubby!