Wednesday, October 7, 2009

take that blue bell

for a little snack today we made milk shakes.

well...milk shakes, barnard style.

i threw two 10 oz bags of organic frozen fruit into the blender (one strawberry, one peach). i added milk to this, covering the fruit about half way up. then i squirted in some honey.

and of course added some fruit dyed sprinkles.

to this, my precious girl exclaimed "mmm...this is better than blue bell!!!". be still my heart!


Traci said...

uh, well yeah, with the sprinkles! Better than BB for sure! Where do you buy your sprinkles?

mandi said...

i usually pick them up when at whole foods. i always grab a couple of boxes to last. they are pretty cheap.
sidenote: we had this for breakfast part 1 this morning...with sprinkles!

Traci said...

I like your 'breakfast part 1 & 2'! thanks for tip!

Traci said...

We made it with strawberries and a friend who goes to WF every Friday, got some choc. sprinkles for me for next time...I used strawberries this time and then made another with frozen bananas and carob...yum!!

Mommy, M.D. said...

I've been making popsicles the same way. I use kefir or yogurt, usually leftover smoothie. I've used popsicle molds, but egg cartons with toothpicks make a nice snack size.